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10 Fun Facts About Toilet Paper You Didn't Know

Toilet paper is a staple in our daily lives, yet most of us give it little thought. However, this unassuming product has a fascinating history and some surprising facts that might make you see it in a new light. From ancient uses to modern innovations, here are 10 fun facts about toilet paper you probably didn’t know. And if you're looking for the best in toilet paper quality, look no further than Bog Rolls for an exceptional experience.

1. The Origins of Commercial Toilet Paper

The first commercially packaged toilet paper was introduced by Joseph Gayetty in 1857 in the United States. Gayetty's Medicated Paper, sold in flat sheets, was marketed as an anti-hemorrhoid treatment and was infused with aloe. Each sheet bore his name, making it one of the earliest branded toilet paper products.


2. The Invention of the Toilet Paper Roll

The toilet paper roll we know today was invented by the Scott Paper Company in 1890. Before this, toilet paper was sold in flat sheets or individual leaves. The roll format offered greater convenience and ease of use, setting the standard for modern toilet paper.


3. Ancient Toilet Paper Practices

Toilet paper has ancient roots. In China, during the Ming Dynasty in the 14th century, the imperial family used specially made toilet paper. Records from 1393 show that over 720,000 sheets of toilet paper were produced annually for the emperor’s household, with each sheet measuring about 2 feet by 3 feet.


4. The Largest Roll of Toilet Paper

Charmin holds the record for the largest roll of toilet paper, created in 2011. This gigantic roll measured over 8 feet in diameter and nearly 9 feet high, containing more than a million square feet of paper. It was part of a promotional event to celebrate World Toilet Paper Day.


5. The Great Toilet Paper Orientation Debate

Did you know there's a longstanding debate about the correct way to hang toilet paper? According to a 1989 survey by the New York Times, 68% of people prefer the "over" orientation, where the paper hangs over the roll, while 25% prefer the "under" orientation. This debate continues to be a hot topic among households.


6. Toilet Paper in Space

Even astronauts need toilet paper! On the International Space Station, a special type of toilet paper is used. It is designed to be more compact and has no cardboard roll to save space and reduce waste. This specialized paper is essential for maintaining hygiene in zero gravity.


7. Global Toilet Paper Usage

Toilet paper usage varies significantly around the world. Americans are among the highest consumers, using an average of 141 rolls per person per year. In contrast, many countries in Asia and the Middle East primarily use water for cleansing, leading to much lower toilet paper consumption.


8. Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper Options

With growing environmental concerns, eco-friendly toilet paper options are gaining popularity. Bamboo toilet paper is a sustainable alternative because bamboo grows quickly and doesn't require replanting. Recycled toilet paper is another green choice, reducing the demand for virgin paper pulp and promoting sustainability. Bog Rolls offers eco-friendly options, ensuring you can make a green choice without sacrificing quality.


9. The World’s Most Expensive Toilet Paper

For those looking to indulge, there are high-end toilet paper options. In 2013, an Australian company created a 22-karat gold toilet paper roll priced at $1.3 million. Although it was more of a novelty item, it highlighted the lengths some will go for luxury, even in the bathroom.


10. World Record for Toilet Paper Stacking

The world record for the tallest toilet paper tower was set in 2018 by Silvio Sabba from Italy. He stacked 77 rolls vertically, creating a tower over 13 feet high. This quirky record showcases the creativity and fun people find in everyday items, even toilet paper.



Toilet paper is more than just a daily necessity; it has a rich history and a surprising number of interesting facts. From its ancient origins to modern innovations and world records, toilet paper continues to be an essential and fascinating part of our lives.

Whether you prefer the "over" or "under" orientation, or are interested in sustainable options, these fun facts highlight the diverse and intriguing world of toilet paper. The next time you reach for a roll, you'll have a newfound appreciation for this everyday item and its journey through history. For an exceptional toilet paper experience, check out Bog Rolls, where quality meets sustainability.