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A Complete Guide: Bamboo toilet paper and its benefits

Bamboo products, especially bamboo toilet paper, are one of the most popular eco-friendly alternatives. Eco-conscious individuals have several questions about this product: ‘Is bamboo toilet paper eco-friendly?’, ‘Does bamboo toilet paper ever break down?’,  ‘Is bamboo toilet paper better than the regular ones?’. 

You may discover several benefits to using bamboo toilet paper instead of regular toilet paper and understanding them will allow you to make an informed buying decision. This will help you choose only the best bamboo toilet paper for yourself, your family, and the environment. 

Here is what you would want to know about bamboo toilet paper:


How Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Made?

The process of making bamboo toilet paper is quite simple and straightforward. You will be surprised to know that both bamboo and regular toilet paper undergo similar manufacturing processes. The only difference is bamboo toilet paper uses bamboo instead of wood chips or recycled paper.


  • First, manufacturers break down the bamboo into fibres and add them to a mixture that turns them into a pulp. 
  • Once the bamboo fibres have turned into pulp, they soak, press, and form the pulp into the actual long sheets of paper.
  • Later, they dry out the paper until it has reached the appropriate moisture level. Simultaneously, the toilet paper manufacturers will roll the paper into long logs of toilet paper, cut them into smaller rolls, and pack them for market sale.


Bamboo vs Recycled Toilet Paper - Which is The Best?

Both forms of toilet paper are much more eco-friendly than your typical regular paper toilet roll. However, bamboo toilet roll emerges as the winner in this case. Here are a few of the reasons:

  • Bamboo products avoid the problem of deforestation. Even recycled toilet paper does. But, due to the loss of strength and the continued degrading quality in recycling, virgin paper is often combined into the process.  
  • Because of the above-mentioned reason, people may have to use more recycled toilet paper. Using more recycled toilet paper will increase the amount of waste going to landfill.
  • The manufacturing process of bamboo toilet roll uses fewer chemicals than recycled toilet roll. However, the process sometimes does involve bleaching.


Where Does Bamboo Toilet Paper Come From?

Moso Bamboo is the type of bamboo which is usually used to make good toilet paper. This type of bamboo is grown in Guizhou, China, where several factories are also located. The border mountains of Guizhou includes one of the eight plant diversity hotspots in China. The mountains include some of the most evergreen broad-leaved forest, montane elfin forest, and a lot of bamboo plantations. This means that bamboo has been grown on the same land for thousands of years and not a deforested one.


Does Bamboo Toilet Paper Break Down?

Many eco-conscious consumers are not only conscious of toilet paper’s effect on the environment but also the effect it has on their plumbing system. Flushing items – like paper towels and wipes – down the toilet don’t break up easily, thereby clogging toilets and other backing up lines. Clogged pipes can affect all of the plumbing in the house. This could be especially problematic if you have a septic tank. Bamboo toilet paper makes using the bathroom easy on the plumbing system. Bamboo toilet paper can also effortlessly break down in the water. This means that water will flow freely through the pipes without any clumps of toilet paper inside. Overall, bamboo toilet paper breaks down much better than traditional toilet paper.


What is The Benefit of Bamboo Toilet Paper?

  • By buying bamboo toilet paper, you are benefiting the environment as it prevents the destruction of trees. 
  • Bamboo is an incredibly fast-growing species of grass, which makes it a highly sustainable product. 
  • Environmentally conscious toilet paper, such as bamboo toilet paper, do not use harsh chemicals like chlorine, dyes or fragrances. Instead, it uses either natural alternatives or none at all. 
  • Most bamboo toilet paper is manufactured by environmentally conscious brands. This means you are unlikely to find bamboo toilet paper with plastic packaging. 

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