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It's 2021 - Where Can I Buy Toilet Paper Online?

Toilet paper – finding it was the hot topic of 2020, and 2021 looks to be no different. When the COVID-19 pandemic started spreading through Australia, and across the world, people turned to the good ol’ bog rolls

Why is still to be determined – it’s certainly not a product that can protect against the novel coronavirus. At most, it is a household essential that gives us a sense of control during uncertainty. It’s not a product people tend to think much about – until they couldn’t find it on the shelf. 

The situation worsened as regions and states were thrown into lockdown – more people home, more toilet paper being used, and plenty of people were unable to find bulk toilet paper in Australia on the shelves. It became a matter of where to find toilet paper and whether it could be purchased online and arrive before the stocks in the bathroom cupboard ran out. 

Many stores limited the purchasing volume on toilet rolls and social media feeds were filled with questions like “where can I buy toilet paper?” 

Plenty of stores started selling toilet paper online, which certainly helped the situation. However as time goes on, and the novel coronavirus still lingers, it’s important to be able to answer that question of “where can I buy toilet paper in Melbourne” or “where can I buy toilet paper in Sydney” just in case you find yourself running out and unable to get to the shops. 

Where Can I Buy Toilet Paper Online? 

So of course,  you can buy toilet paper from many physical stores, and during the height of COVID lockdowns in Australia, many stores were selling it from the traditional supermarket and corner store to service stations and discount stores. 

But let’s take a look at where you could buy toilet paper in Sydney and Melbourne without leaving your home. 

Bog Rolls

Bog Rolls is a manufacturer and wholesale supplier of quality toilet paper. It is an eco-friendly choice using sustainably-sourced, eco friendly and biodegradable paper. One of the big reasons that Bog Rolls is popular in residential and commercial use is that they are there helping out the world, not only in producing toilet paper but in supporting ADRA – an agency that world with those most in need to provide long-lasting and positive change. They do this through inclusion and wellbeing programs, sustainable food production, support services, community building and much more. 

Made in Australia, purchased online and delivered to your door, Bog Rolls supplies toilet paper to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and across the country. 


Amazon is one of the largest online sellers of toilet paper in Sydney selling a variety of toilet paper brands. Delivered to your door on toilet paper orders across the country, and you can easily compare the prices of various brands quickly. NSW toilet paper deliveries are free on orders above $35, as they are across much of the country. 


Whether running a commercial or retail outlet or simply looking to purchase from home, if you’re wanting to know “where can I buy toilet paper while I pick up some supplies to work from home”, Officeworks is an option. Selling commercial and standard sized rolls, it’s safer to click and collect or have it delivered than to turn up in-store and find none of the shelves.

You then, of course, have your standard retail and grocery outlets where you can shop online, however, depending on what’s happening, there are no guarantees you can get what you need when you need it. 

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing Toilet Paper

Now that you know where to find toilet paper in Melbourne, Sydney or across the country, its good to know what to look for when selecting a brand you may not have used before. When shopping in person, it’s easy to compare – it’s all there on the shelf in front of you. But when it comes to “where can I buy toilet paper online” it’s often harder to compare and know what to look for while selecting the right kind of toilet tissue. You can make a better buying decision by keeping in mind the following key features.

Strength & Ply

Strength is the first and foremost attribute to look for in toilet paper in Melbourne and across the country. Strength means the power of resistance against the punctures. A mere touch can help you tell whether the toilet paper is hard or soft. Different brands and types of toilet paper have different levels of strength.

One of many Australians' questions is where can I buy toilet paper online with different plys. These are separate layers of paper that vary in different brands. Some toilet papers have single-ply, while others have six ply. Ply also determine the strength and thickness of the toilet tissues.


Have you ever thought about where to find toilet paper that is soft? Yes, both soft and hard toilet papers are available in the market. Some people buy super silky tissue papers for their toilet while others like hard toilet papers. Touching or rubbing a toilet paper can test its hardness or softness. It is your personal preference to buy soft or hard toilet tissue.

The Green Factor

If you are a true nature lover and want to know where to buy toilet paper in Sydney that is environment friendly, look for recycled toilet paper. Some manufacturers use recycled products to prepare these toilet tissues to minimise environmental damage. Bog Rolls for example uses 100% sustainably sourced toilet paper that is biodegradable and environmentally friendly, as well as being strong, soft and having plenty of sheets on a roll. 

Types of Toilet Paper

Before searching for where can I buy toilet paper in Melbourne”, it is a good idea to understand toilet paper types so you can purchase exactly what you need. Depending upon the number of plys and the making material, the following are the leading toilet paper types.

  • 1-Ply Toilet Papers
  • 2-Ply Toilet Papers
  • 3-Ply Toilet Papers
  • Bamboo Toilet Paper
  • Luxury Toilet Paper
  • Brown Toilet Paper
  • Recycled Toilet Paper
  • Colored Toilet Paper

There are certainly some interesting choices out there to match all VIC and NSW toilet paper needs. 

After reading everything about toilet paper, or bog rolls if you prefer, you can answer the question where can I buy toilet paper online in Australia. 

The one thing we recommend?  Never compromise on quality and find a sustainable toilet paper brand to help the planet.